The delivery of goods

We carry out strict controls on the delivery of goods. The inspection of incoming goods should ensure that only the best fresh produce is in use and processed. Fresh produce is brought to the production as fast as possible to ensure the best possible protection and quality of the products

Every delivery of dried goods goes throug an "All-metal search tunnel". A sample is taken from every delivery of goods and passed on to the laboratory for them to inspect and determine the quality.

From seed to the end product

The ability to track the delivered goods back to the farmer´s field is assured by us and thoroughly possible. Our QM system is based on the guidelines from the Food Hygiene Ordinance. All potential hazards in the production process, storage and the transport and the human resources department are specified in the audited HACCP concept, wich is controlled by suitable inspection and preventativ measures.

In our company´s laboratory the CCPs, the various parameters of the drying process and of course above all the products are checked for quality and their appropriateness for our customers and documented. Among others the H2O and oil content, HCL-insoluble ash, target of weight per litre, sensory and optical features are checked in the laboratory. Sieve analyses and diverse microbiologic tests are performed in the same way. External analyses are also given to accredited laboratories.

With the help of samples, we archive all productions, deliveries of goods and offers made.

Refinement and all-metal detection

A particular feature of the production is the all-metal detection, after wich all kinds of metal particles are removed on all production lines. At the same time, highly efficient neodymium magnets are installed at every bagging station.

For reason of quality and hygiene, all our drying and refinement lines are made of stainless non-oxidizing high grade stees.