Our drying

We have one of the most modern drying systems at our disposal, which, for reason of environmental protection, is equipped with a combined heat and power unit and a heat recovery plant. For gentle and authentic drying, the products are passed through a drying route with computer-controlled temperature zones. For example, the data recorder of our drying system delivers precisely detailed information of the whole SPS-controlled drying process through continuous documentation.

Refinement and all-metal separation

The dried products are subsequently refined further in the cutting, milling and granulating systems, and are also sorted by hand and by color-sorting machines. Various blending systems provide for gentle and precise blending. The goods are calibrated according to the specifications. In this way, our customers can choose a cut size suitable for them. The dried products are available from us as roughly cut, finely cut, granulated, powder, flaces, cubes or stripes.

Job order production

Of course you can make use of our experience in drying, cutting, mixing, sorting, sieving and automatic color sorting.
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