Since 1948 your partner in dehydrating, processing and mixing

Our company has been specialising in the refinement or herbs and vegetables since 1948 and also active in the medical herb sector since 1951. By means of the most modern technology and constant innovation, we satisfy our customers wishes and the current general and specific food legislation as well as the special raw material standards for the medical production of plants, baby food and diet provision.

Our core business lies in the gentle processing of fresh produce into dry products and/or their refinement in complience with individual customers demands. This applies to conventional and organic products such as vegetables , herbs, seasonings, fruits and tea as well as individual blends depending on the customers wishes.

Beginning in January 2013, we only purchase electricity from hydropower, certified by the technical inspection association "TÜV".
Since 1994 we are certified by BCS Öko-Garantie GmbH with respect to the EU Organic Regulation (EG) 834/2007.
The number of the certification body is "DE-Öko-001".

Under no circumstances do we use genetically modified seeds, plants or additives.


Fa. Völpel GmbH & Co. KG
St.-Wolfgang-Str. 1
D-86669 Königsmoos

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